Team Tzar - Lawrence C. McQuade

Lawrence C. McQuade

Lawrence C. McQuade, Executive Chairman/Partner

  • Asst. Secretary of Commerce during Kennedy/Johnson administrations
  • CEO of Procon Incorporated where he oversaw the building of the largest LNG facility in the world at that time
  • Executive VP and Board Member at W.R. Grace & Company
  • Vice Chairman of Prudential Mutual Funds
  • Founding Partner of River Capital, a hedge fund focused on investments in Russia
  • Served on the Board of Directors at Qualitas International, Prudential Mutual Funds, NNRF, Laredo National Bancshares, Bunzl PLC, Applied Bioscience, and many others
  • Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Director, Overseas Development Council; Director, International Management & Development Institute; Director, Foreign Policy Association; Expert Advisor, UN Commission on Transnational Corporations; Co-Founder & Director, Asian Programs Foundation
  • Graduate of Yale University (Phi Beta Kappa), Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar), and Harvard Law School