Tzar's Mission

Tzar's primary mission is to develop, structure, and implement cross-border JV investments and business expansion opportunities between companies from the U.S. and India. With that underlying goal in mind, Tzar has created an innovative and proprietary approach to promoting and developing cross-border JV business on behalf of its clients. Tzar’s unique platform combines investment capital, corporate financing, business globalization, and other long-term strategies in a customized, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Unlike many traditional investment banks and business development advisors, Tzar undertakes a proactive, long-term approach with all of its clients and their projects, with a focus on facilitating their required investment capital, as well as structuring and implementing their global market expansion opportunities and aspirations. Tzar’s model of combining global business development and market expansion strategies with investment advisory, consulting, and structuring/implementation of the plan, is unique in the industry and highly attractive to both U.S. and overseas capital markets. The entire process creates both immediate and long-term benefits for all parties: sustainable total returns and security for investors, capital funding and top-line sales growth for our clients, and enhanced value for all owners/shareholders.