How Tzar Does It

The cross-border JV model is not for everyone. Thus, Tzar chooses each of its clients carefully and undertakes a rigorous due diligence process to determine whether their global business expansion project has merit, can be successfully implemented, and is cost-effective in terms of overall budget, logistics and timing. Tzar’s cross-border JV project implementation strategy includes the following key steps and guiding principles:


Unlike direct corporate or institutional capital from traditional investment banking sources which focuses on short-term results and aggressive ROI, and often shifts command and control away from the company to the investor, Tzar’s approach blends together private capital and foreign corporate capital that can potentially fund future products/projects. This approach also ensures that the client company is always in a leadership and controlling position. Similarly, a reliance on traditional advisors for capital placement (who are generally only interested in front-loading fees and commissions), would result in no long-term or synergistic benefits as would any capital raise spearheaded by Tzar.